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20 Gauge STCR5019 Series Galvanized Fine Wire Staples

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20 Gauge STCR5019 Series Galvanized Fine Wire Staples 


● High quality galvanized staple.

● Great for roofing felt, house wrap, upholstery, furniture trim, automotive vinyl and trim, picture frames, bedding, furniture frames, molding.

● Electrogalvanized finish helps resist corrosion and rust, recommended for interior use only.

● Chisel Point

● 5,000 pieces per box, 20 Boxes per case.

● Durably made.

● Compatible with a variety of staple guns


Product Description
Item: 20 Gauge STCR5019 Series Galvanized Fine Wire Staples
Gauge: 20 Gauge
Fastener Type: Fine Wire Staples
Material: Galvanized Wire, Stainless Steel.Aluminum
Surface Finishing: Zinc Plated
Crown: 11.20mm (7/16″ PowerCrown)
Width: 0.049″(1.25mm)
Thickness: 0.020″(0.50mm)
Length: 1/4″(6mm) – 5/8″(16mm)



Packaging Details:
Item Our Specification.  Length Pcs/Stick Package
mm inch Pcs/Box Bxs/Ctn Ctns/Pallet
STCR5019/06 STCR5019-Wire Dia: 0.88# 6mm 1/4″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 60
STCR5019/08 GAUGE: 20GA 8mm 5/16″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 60
STCR5019/10 CROWN: 11.2mm 10mm 3/8″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 60
STCR5019/12 WIDTH:  1.25mm 12mm 1/2″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 40
STCR5019/14 THICKNESS: 0.50mm 14mm 9/16″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 40
STCR5019/16 LENGTH: 4mm—16mm 16mm 5/8″ 84Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 40



1.Great for upholstery, screening, crafts, insulation, roofing felt, and more
2.Chisel point staples deliver efficient and dependable performance

3.Glue collated

4.Compatible with a variety of staple guns.


● Upholstery.

● Screening.

● Crafts.

● Insulation.

● Roofing felt.


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